Should You Hire Movers Or Move Yourself?

How do you know if you should hire movers or move yourself? Moving is a big process and one that has many moving parts.  Whether you are only moving a short distance away or tackling a bigger move, moving yourself is a large task to undertake. Before you make a decision on how to move your items, you need to ask yourself if you can properly and safely handle all the elements that will be involved.

Do you have the time?

Packing and unpacking. Handling the financial transactions that go along with moving. Cleaning your old home and the new one. Finding a repair person to fix things in both your old and new homes. Changing your address, finding a new doctor – as you can see, the list of things to do when you move is LONG!

If you decide to move yourself, here are some other big tasks that you will need to add to your list.  You have to factor in the time to:

  • Research and determine what type of moving truck you will need.
  • Make sure a truck is available when you need it – drive to pick it up and then fill it up with gas before you return it once you are finished.
  • Find friends and family to help you move boxes and furniture in and out of the truck.
  • Carry and load all items into the truck – depending on how many people you can round up to help, this can turn into a very, very long day.
  • Make the move itself – how many trips will you have to take back and forth to your new place?

Do you have the knowledge?

Take a minute to think about what you need to move.  Do you have to move fine art pieces or antiques? Do you know how to properly move those items so that they won’t be damaged or broken? What about heavy or odd shaped furniture?

What about packing the truck? Moving services have experience and knowledge on how to best pack a truck to ensure that items don’t shift during the move. They also know how to maximize space and pack a truck in a way that makes unpacking at the new location easier.

What about driving a moving truck? Is there a good place to park the truck to load and unload? Have you mapped out a route you feel comfortable driving? If you are moving to or from a big city like Toronto, one way streets or narrow streets may be an issue. Toronto moving services know how to navigate downtown city streets and alley ways which is just one reason why it may be better to leave the moving to the professionals!

Many people opt for moving themselves because they think it will be the cheaper option.  While it is totally understandable to want to keep moving expenses under control, often times moving yourself ends up being more expensive than you originally thought due to unforeseen issues, expenses and needing much more time that you anticipated to complete the move on your own.

Having experienced, professional help really can make moving much less stressful and more successful. First Choice Movers is an affordable and reliable Toronto moving service that also serves Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Richmond Hill & Brampton. Visit our website for more information or call us to book your estimate at 416-792-5539.