Moving During the Busy Season

How do you decide what time of the year to move? Here is a snippet of a conversation on this topic: “Hmm….well, we can’t move during the winter because the boys have all those hockey games…Spring?…no…there are too many things to do once the weather turns….June is out because of final exams….summer is too expensive….September is when school is back….and we can forget about the holidays…how about winter?” Sound familiar? We often look for the perfect time to move when we won’t be busy with other issues, but just like planning a wedding, buying a house, and having a child, there is no perfect time. Something is ALWAYS happening and we will always be busy. We just have to deal with it. Here are a few things to remember when moving during a busy season:

Plan Ahead!

Get a calendar and look at it every day when planning your move! First, check to see if the planned move coincides with any major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving). Then, check to see if it falls at the same time as any big event in your family’s schedule (summer break, March break, planned vacation, birthday’s). It may be unavoidable; you may have to schedule your move during this time. But, it is better to know ahead so you can plan appropriately as opposed to suddenly remembering 2 weeks before. Planning cuts down on the number of unfortunate surprises.

Get Organized!

Now that you know what is coming, you can get ready for it. The best way to get organized is to start right away! No matter how far off the move may be, it will be here before you realize it. The sooner you get started, the more time you have to do everything. Get yourself a hardcover notebook where you keep all the information about the move. Keeping all of your information in one spot will make you better organized. Make a list of the things that need to get done and assign tasks to family members. Keep on it! You will be happy you kept organized on the big day.

Consider The Timing!

Now that you know when you will be moving, it is time to consider what obstacles will be in the way (depending on the season). If it is summer, you can expect the move to be potentially more expensive as it is the busiest time of year. If the children are younger, they will potentially need care while you are moving since they are not in school. If it is close to Christmas time, you are looking at the prospect of additional costs and the need to see other family members on top of the normal chores associated with moving. Whatever time of year it is, you need to factor the additional challenges into your moving plan.


This one should be a given, but it isn’t. When moving, adults don’t always communicate with one another. The result can be the same chore being done twice and another not being done at all. Keep the lines of communication open with your family. Giving everyone assigned tasks will help with the communication. Regularly check up on people; don’t assume they know what is going on.

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