Cheers! – A Guide to Moving Liquor and Wine

You can find tonnes of advice on kinds of topics related to moving. There seems to be a strategy for packing every possible item you may have in your home. But, most people don’t talk about packing food and drink products. Many will just take opportunity to clean out the fridge and cupboards and start over again at the new place. They just can’t be bothered packing up open cartons of milk and half-eaten boxes of cereal. But, what about alcohol? I am not talking about the two cans of beer in the fridge or the supermarket-brand wine you sometimes have with dinner. Serious collectors will stock expensive scotch, rum, vodka, and other spirits. Some bottles can be worth thousands of dollars. Serious wine aficionados pride themselves on their wine cellars that can potentially contain dozens of expensive bottles. While not as expensive, a stocked bar in the house may mean that you have hundreds of dollars of alcohol that needs to be moved. Fragility and temperature concerns can make moving alcohol a serious challenge.


Start by making sure any opened bottle has had the top secured; you want to avoid any leakage. You can use cardboard boxes, but not the flimsy kind. You will want to use sturdy, thick cardboard. Purchase boxes that are especially made for shipping bottles. Check the bottom of the box to make sure it won’t break; you might even want to tape it up as a precaution. Wrap each individual bottle so they don’t knock together during the move; use towels or bubble wrap. Shake the box slightly when you are done packing; if you hear the bottles knocking together, there is too much room. The bottles should be tightly packed. But, don’t overload the box or it will rip. Place the box on the floor of the truck; don’t stack it. Despite what some urban legends might say, the taste and quality of liquor will not be compromised by temperature changes or it being swished around.

Wine and Expensive Liquor

Liquor will not impacted by the move, but fine wine could be. Generally, experts agree that shifting temperature changes will affect the taste and quality of wine.[1] When shipping wine, it is also important to place corked wine upside down so the cork does not dry out. If your wine and liquor collection is valuable, consider getting additional insurance. Finally, you may opt to move wine and expensive liquor in your own car. You will have more control over the climate and take your own precautions to ensure their safety.

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