What NOT To Pack

Moving is all about lists. Making lists and following lists. You have lists of chores; lists of people to call; lists of things to do on moving day; lists of things to clean; and lists of things to pack. You should add one more list: things to NOT pack. Why would you need a list of things to NOT pack? Packing up a home to move is often a harried and expeditious event. We tend to just swoop everything up in the home. In our haste, we will sometimes pack up things that we don’t need or even should pack. It is good to be aware of what we SHOULDN’T pack as it can cause problems during the move. Here are a few items:


Each moving company will have a list of non-allowables, which is industry jargon for items that the particular company will not move. Though some items are universal (like flammables), each company will have their own particular list. Ask your moving company for a list of non-allowables long before moving day so you can make other arrangements.

Flammable & Combustibles

The most important things to avoid while packing are flammables and combustibles. This can include: gasoline, matches, aerosols, cleaning solvents, turpentine, paint thinner, acids, paint, nail polish remover, propane tanks, pesticides, fire extinguishers, and fireworks. Also avoid corrosive materials like household & car batteries, bleach, and any solvent. Transporting these items in a moving truck can be extremely hazardous. If it must be moved, do it in your car and not all at once. Take great care! There is a reason many moving companies won’t handle them.

Frozen Food and Perishables

Perishable and frozen food items are not worth packing because they probably will not survive the trip. How long can ice cream be out of the freezer? How about chicken? Unless you have a portable freezer, it just isn’t worth the trouble. Plan ahead and start eating the contents of the freezer a few weeks before the move.


With all the moving around that occurs in a moving truck, plants are not likely to survive the move. Not to mention, you may wind up with soil and water on your items. If you need to move a plant, do it in your car.


Do not attempt to move aquarium pets while they are still in the aquarium. This can include fish, reptiles, and spiders. Remove your pet from the aquarium and keep them in a temporary holding place during the move. It is possible to move an empty aquarium in a moving truck if it is packed and padded properly, but it might just be safer to move it in your car.

Sentimental Items and Important Papers

If it is important enough that you don’t know if you can do without it, then keep it close to you. Sentimental items and family heirlooms should be kept with you for your own peace of mind. This should also include important documents like birth certificates, social insurance cards, deeds, and other similar items. Don’t risk it.

Pack a Bag

Keep a few items that you might need for a short period of time. This can include a change of clothes, some toiletries, and medication. It might be a day or two before you can access everything; you should be comfortable

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