Lending a Helping Hand

Great! All you have to do is sit back and relax and not worry about anything! After all, you went and did the smart thing and hired the best movers in Mississauga and Brampton. Now, you can kick your feet up and do nothing on moving day, right? Well, technically yes. But, why would you want to? Doing a few small things to assist your movers, making their lives easier will help expedite moving day and make the whole process smoother which could save you time and money. Leave the heavy lifting to the movers, but there are some ways that you can help them out. After all, a little help goes a long way.

Good movers can do a lot of things, but they can’t read minds. If they need important information, make sure to clearly tell them. When the movers arrive in the morning, verbally communicate with them a list of anything they may need to know about (fragile items; where they can park the truck; how they can get items out). It might also help to give them a copy of the list. Clearly mark boxes. Consistently speak with the movers throughout the day to make sure they are updated on any changes.

Find Out the Rules
Moving companies have different rules of what they will transport. Provincial and municipal by-laws may also come into play. It is better to know ahead of time what the company cannot move so you can make alternate plans for transport.

Where is It Going?
Have a pretty good idea where items are going to be placed once they reach your new home. Deciding on the day of the move will only slow things down significantly. Make sure you are at the new place before the movers arrive with your things.

Disconnect all Electronics
Before the movers arrive, go through your entire home and disconnect any electronic that you will not need. If possible, bag up the wires. This will save time from doing it on moving day and clear tripping hazards.

Don’t Forget!
In the flurry of activity before moving day, people often forget to take care of the fridge. There is a lot of work involved so you should start a few days before. Take out all the food and then defrost it. Make sure you have towels on the floor because there will be water.

Get Rid of Obstructions
The day before, go through the entire home to identify and eliminate any potential obstructions or tripping hazards. Check outside for any potential problems. Keep small children from underfoot while the movers are working. It makes their job more complicated if they are working around kids. It also puts the children at risk.

Offer Refreshments
By no means are you required to provide refreshments for your movers, but a small gesture of providing water or coffee can mean a lot. Try and go out of your way to make your movers feel comfortable and they will really appreciate it!

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