How Can You Cut Costs On Moving Day

It isn’t cheap, but we often forget about it until it is time to pay up. When moving, everyone gets caught up in the purchase of the new home. All of the focus is on the cost of the home, the upheaval of your lives, contacting everyone, making plans, packing up, organizing movers, and the other details. In the midst of this hurricane of activity, we neglect thinking about the cost of the actual move itself. It is only when we look at the bottom line do we realize how much we spent. Moving is costly; that’s unavoidable. But, there are ways to cut corners:

Create a Budget– Want to save money? Then keep track of it. When we aren’t monitoring our expenses, we have no concept of how much we are spending. Knowing and understanding the costs keeps you connected to it; basically, you feel it more. When you feel the cost, you are more likely to control it. Sit down and create a moving budget. Make sure to stick with that budget, otherwise, what is the point?

Cut the Fat- Most moving companies calculate the cost based on weight. The heavier the load, the more you pay. Moving is a good time to purge all of those items that are no longer of use to you. If you weren’t using it before, what is the point of paying to move it to a new home where you will continue not to use it? Books are often very heavy so give away all the books you have already read or don’t plan on reading. See how much you can move in your car as well; it will be less weight on the moving truck.

Box Source– Yes, it might be easier to just buy the boxes rather than searching for them. But, every thing you pay for adds up. There are plenty of suitable boxes to be found with minimal effort. Grocery stores, liquor stores, and department stores all have plenty of boxes. Just ask.

Utilities- Depending on your providers, you might be able to save money with utilities. While some companies will continue to charge you until the end of the month, others may stop as soon as you cancel services. It’s worth a shot.

Re-Purpose Old Clothes– A common moving expense is bubble wrap and other packing material. It may be unnecessary. See what you have on hand that could be used for packing purposes. Old clothes, sheets, dish clothes; bedding; or anything that can provide protection for your valuables. Bubble wrap may seem like a small expense, but it adds up when you need to protect the entire house.

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