How Can You Cut Costs On Moving Day

It isn’t cheap, but we often forget about it until it is time to pay up. When moving, everyone gets caught up in the purchase of the new home. All of the focus is on the cost of the home, the upheaval of your lives, contacting everyone, making plans, packing up, organizing movers, and the other details. In the midst of this hurricane of activity, we neglect thinking about the cost of the actual move itself. It is only when we look at the bottom line do we realize how much we spent. Moving is costly; that’s unavoidable. But, there are ways to cut corners:

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Office Space – How to Successfully Move an Office

Moving offices in the next year or so? Have you started preparing? If not, it is time to get on it! Even if you have experience in moving homes, changing offices is a different kind of animal. There are new challenges, procedures, and things that you need to worry about. On one hand, you already have a pool of people to help with the move; you don’t need to bribe anyone because your employees are already paid to be there. On the other hand, you want to move as quickly as possible without too much disruption to your business. Here are a few things to consider if you will be moving offices in the near future: Continue reading