Cheers! – A Guide to Moving Liquor and Wine

You can find tonnes of advice on kinds of topics related to moving. There seems to be a strategy for packing every possible item you may have in your home. But, most people don’t talk about packing food and drink products. Many will just take opportunity to clean out the fridge and cupboards and start over again at the new place. They just can’t be bothered packing up open cartons of milk and half-eaten boxes of cereal. But, what about alcohol? I am not talking about the two cans of beer in the fridge or the supermarket-brand wine you sometimes have with dinner. Continue reading

Moving During the Busy Season

How do you decide what time of the year to move? Here is a snippet of a conversation on this topic: “Hmm….well, we can’t move during the winter because the boys have all those hockey games…Spring?…no…there are too many things to do once the weather turns….June is out because of final exams….summer is too expensive….September is when school is back….and we can forget about the holidays…how about winter?” Sound familiar? We often look for the perfect time to move when we won’t be busy with other issues, but just like planning a wedding, buying a house, and having a child, there is no perfect time. Something is ALWAYS happening and we will always be busy. We just have to deal with it. Here are a few things to remember when moving during a busy season: Continue reading

4 Things You Need To Know About First Choice Movers

As a moving company, we often get asked why people should choose us, First Choice Movers, over other moving companies servicing the Vaughan, Toronto and Mississauga areas.  Good question!  We certainly understand why people do their research and want to find the best company for their move.  At First Choice Movers we are happy to answer any questions you have and love telling people what sets us apart from others. Continue reading